Preliminary list of invited speakers

Detector issues

Angelo Gulinatti, Politecnico di Milano: "New Silicon SPAD technology for enhanced red-sensitivity, high-resolution timing and system integration"

Sae Woo Nam, NIST: "Optical and near-infrared photon detection with superconducting devices"

Andrew Shields / Oliver Thomas, Toshiba: "Resolving the Photon Number with fast-gated Silicon Avalanche Photodiode"

Source issues

Joel Bleuse, CEA, INAC, Grenoble: "Quantum Dots in Tapered Photonic Wires: towards Unit-Efficiency Single-Photon Sources"

Stephan Goetzinger, ETH Zürich: "Planar dielectric antennas for collecting photons from a single emitter with near unity efficiency"

John Rarity, University of Bristol: "Progress in single photon sources, heralded versus true single photons"

Jörg Wrachtrup, University Stuttgart: "Interfacing diamond defects"

Photon manipulation

Hugo Zbinden, University of Geneva: "What are Single Photons good for?"


Brian Smith, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford: "Quantum-enhanced metrology in the real world: Losses, decoherence, and noise make life on the quantum edge challenging"


William H. Farr, JPL, CalTech: "Single Photon Detectors for Capacity Achieving Optical Communication"

Don Figer, Rochester Imaging Detector Laboratory: "Single Photon Detectors for Inner and Outer Space"

Entanglement / Theory

Paul Kwiat, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: "Optimized (Non)Entanglement: Designer Sources for Next-Generation Quantum Information"

Special session

Alan Migdall, NIST: "Single-Photon Tools, Techniques, and Prospects for Metrology"

Maria Luisa Rastello, INRIM: "Metrology Towards Quantum-Based Photon Standards"